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Junipreneur is a platform through which we will take care of every student through personal training, tracking their strength and weaknesses and provide them with an environment that helps them grow up the right way.

About Us

Junipreneur is a platform where we sort out the individual traits, strength and weakness of the kid and we give them the environment to grow and think out of the box and bring something innovative to become an entrepreneur who can take initiative

What is Junipreneur ?

Junipreneur is a platform where we sort out the individual traits, strength and weakness of the kid and we give them the environment to grow and think out of the box and bring something innovative to become an entrepreneur who can take initiative.


Since Entrepreneurship is new concept in Bangladesh and very few people knows about it. The main objective of Club Junipreneur is to inject the venom of entrepreneurship into our children so that they can become an entrepreneur (initiative taker) in the upcoming future.

  1. Independent thinking
  2. Coping up with environment
  3. Taking initiative
  4. Platform to explore their own talent
  5. Sorting their own strength and weakness
  6. Leadership

What we do

We have set the curriculum in such a way that will help the kids to draw a career map for his/her future.

We assess the personal traits of the kids and try to bring out the inner innovation. Our Bangladesh is full of problem and we know every problem is an opportunity.

We teach the kids about leadership, personal SWOT analysis, and innovative ideas from the problems they face in their daily life and turn those ideas in to a business.


To develop a society where the kids will be the future leaders of the society.


Keeping the vision in mind our target is to get involve all the schools and colleges to introduce the curriculum to educate the kids to become an entrepreneur (initiative taker).

Our Events

Increase in the awareness among people about various issues

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Increase in the awareness among people about various issues


HOW WE help your kids to become an Entrepreneur?

We tell your children stories to encourage them about entrepreneurship. Like taking them to the restaurant and help them understand how so many jobs were created in that particular restaurant because the owner took the risk of becoming an entrepreneur and started the restaurant.
We make them understand how money is very valuable and how it is spent and divided. For example: If you have earned $10, You will use $1 for simple groceries, $1 for paying taxes and $ 8 will go to your savings account at the bank for future investments.
Teaching kids the difference between a gift and owing something is absolutely necessary. We teach each them the difference between getting a gift versus buying the same gift by themselves. We make them understand that getting a gift is okay, but they bought the same thing with their own hard earned money, they would take care of it better.
We set up a compensation plan for them. This teaches them how money is not earned easily, and one has to do work dedicatedly to earn money. For example,we set up tasks for them through which they can earn gifts upon completion of the task.
Teaching kids what capitalism can start as simply as teaching them how creating something better than others, treating people better than others earn them capital and help them stand firm in the long run.
When they have created jobs, started their own business and started to earn through it, we encourage them and recognize their achievements as an entrepreneur, especially in front of others. No matter, how small their achievement is, we always give them a pat on the back!!
Challenging their decision at a tender age allows them and encourages them to make better decisions. We question every decision they have made and show them full respect for their business decisions and career choices.
We teach them the proper values in life. We believe there are 4 key values they must have in life, to become a better person and entrepreneur. That is to lead, respect, improve and love.
We understand that teaching them a lesson just once will not do. We re-remind or repeat to them each and every lesson we teach them until they fully are in the grasp of the concept.
We keep them in an environment where they are surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs. This teaches them the workings of any business and passes on to them the values and teachings of that particular business.
We encourage them to read books of different price tags and tell them to write a review or summary of that book. We also ask them questions from that particular book. If they do that with ease and pass, we present them with gifts.
We present them with a certain problem we have faced, and ask them to solve it in their own way. No matter what their solution is, we encourage them and appreciate their problem-solving skills.
Teaching them how to sell a product or service, teaches them how to be a good negotiator.
Let your kids see you in action. They will pick up good values from parents and get a full idea of the workings of the business.
Speak about failures and mistakes. Tell them stories of people who have failed in business, so that your kids won’t make the same mistake.
Don’t be too serious when teaching kids about business. Make them feel like it is agame, and make it an overall fun and easy experience for them.


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